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What Are The Best Sources For News?

In one of the world’s most up-and-coming countries,big changes are happening. Increasingly, the international press is filled with news about political and economic developments in India, and global readers are proving themselves hungry for a glimpse into the reality of Indian society.

However, what are the best sources for economic and political news of India? Which resources are the most accurate and reliable? For anyone interested in learning more about the country, there are number of different places to look for information.

More and more, people are looking at online resources for their dose of the news. This can be contributed to a number of reasons, including the ability to easily search for a particular area of interest and the ready availability of information as and when it is needed.

Online newspapers and other internet resources can be an excellent way to keep up with the political news and economic development of India. Due to the ‘borderless’ aspect of the internet, it can be exceptional easy to gain access to opinions, views and reports about events that are unlikely to be reported in your local press.

Look out in particular for online resources that come directly from India, and that are written by Indian journalists. These can give a unique insight into the country and a native viewpoint that can be hard to obtain elsewhere, especially when it comes to political news which can be biased depending on the nationality and political persuasion of the person writing it.

When choosing a newspaper from India, be sure to bear in mind whether you are reading a large national publication or a smaller local one. This can make a big different in the style of reporting, the political affiliation of the writer and the poignancy of the news.

Regional publications are likely to give a lot of attention to events that affect a particular area, from political news to the local economy to social issues. These can give a fascinating glimpse into the life of locals in the region, but may not be reflective of the overall attitude or reality of the entire country.

National newspapers are likely to give a more generalised perspective. So, if you are looking to learn what affects the lives of most of the population of India, most of the time, then your focus may be best used spending your time reading the reports and opinion pieces in these major journals. Personal blogs are another way to gather news about important events and happenings in India. By searching online for prolific bloggers from the country, you are likely to find very personal accounts of the reality of life here. Be aware, however, that blogs often represent the opinion of only one person, and similarly to local publications, can not always provide an accurate overview of affairs.

Social media can also be a great tool for exploring people’s opinions on current affairs and political news of India. It is worth following or becoming a fan of major online Indian publications in order to read and learn from the discussion that surrounds certain issues. Many people are fond of airing their views on important topics on social networks, and India is no exception.

Finally, it is worth considering reading the major international press for an outsider’s view on the state of affairs in India. The major publications, although they often have a political or national bias, tend to have the budgets to hire excellent journalists to carry out accurate analysis of newsworthy stories.

They are also likely to have dedicated correspondents in each part of the world, and often these correspondents are natives of the country in question. However, coverage can be limited to only focussing on major events, whilst missing the smaller stories of interest you are likely to find in the national newspapers of India.

In conclusion, if you are searching for economic or political news of India, or simply looking for an accurate and informative insight into the way of life there, there are many options available to you. Publications varying from the personal blog to the internationally-renowned newspaper can offer many opportunities at finding the information you seek.

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