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Types of Prams And Pushchairs For Your Baby

There are many factors to consider when looking for prams pushchairs for your child. The type of lifestyle you lead is a major part of the decision, because the type of pram you get will depend on whether you use public transport or have a car, whether you prefer to walk and even the type of home you live in, in terms of space.

Another major factor is the age and weight of your baby. A pram is designed to carry your child comfortably with the least effort of pushing on your part, and in this sense, a pram is both for you and your baby. When shopping for a pushchair, you will find that most are made for newborns up to 15kg, which is from birth to about 4 years of age. Do suit your pram to your child’s development to get the most out of it.

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You will find many different brands of these items in the market, but the ideal ones are from britax. The first type you will find is the combination pushchair, which as the name suggests, combines a carry cot, pushchair and pram. You can use this type right from the birth of your child to the toddler years.

The second type is the three-wheeler pushchair, which is ideal for all types of terrains. This type of pushchair works as well on dirt roads as on smooth surfaces, and your child still remains comfortable during the outing. The three-wheeler is also smaller and less bulky as compared to the more common 4-wheel pushchair.

As an additional option, you can also buy a buggy instead, which is lightweight and ideal for shopping and travelling with your child. This type of pushchair is easy to use especially in public transport since it is light and compact when folded. However, there may be some limitations in use particularly if your child is a newborn, in which case you could opt for any of the above solutions.

A pram or pushchair is an essential part of bringing up your child since it will enable you to conveniently take your baby with you to the outdoors. Do consider adding it to your nursery furniture shopping list.

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