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Internet Advertising Banners

We all know what the so called Gurus try to make us believe regarding banner ads.

Internet advertising banners have been around the internet for many years, so long in fact that most so called “Internet marketing gurus” virtually write them off as being an old hat, burnt out form of internet marketing that should only be used on banner exchange sites or traffic surfing sites. They claim that internet advertising banners have basically been dead since the early 2000’s. ทำป้าย

The simple fact is those ideas are completely wrong. The truth is that internet banner advertising is responsible for more web traffic than you could possibly imagine. The problem is, most “guru’s” do not want you to know that simple fact but consider these points for yourself.

Point 1. An estimated 95% of all paid web traffic is coming from actual sites, not search engines or pay per click or anything like that. It is coming from people clicking links from one site to another, in other words, Advertising. Think about that, if you are only working on SEO for the search engines or pay per click you are missing out on 95% of the market.

Point 2. It is further estimated that 75-80% of that paid traffic comes from internet advertising banners. If you really believe that people no longer click on advertising banners anymore that should be enough proof for you to reconsider. If you are not involved with any form of banner advertising you are leaving a tremendous amount of money out there for other people to pick up.

Point 3. Some of the most targeted, interested and therefore most pro-active traffic you can possibly get comes from internet advertising banners. Just the sort of traffic you want because when those people click your banner they are the people most likely to buy. If the points I have outlined in this short article have meant that you might want to reconsider your views about how you advertise your business you can consider your time well spent.


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