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Effective Ways to Keep Your Silicone Bracelets Clean

If you keep your silicone bracelets clean, it will add to its value and life both. There are a few effective ways to keep these clean so that the material and design is not damaged. Over the years, rubber and silicone wristbands have become steadily popular and are gaining favor form more and more users. It is due to its versatility and usability for different purposes. People from all walks of life wear these bracelets and there are different reasons for wearing it. Some people wear it to support specific causes that they believe in while there are others who wear it simply as a fashion accessory. Besides, many use it for promotional and marketing purposes.

Restore Its Glory:

It is for the chemical and physical properties of a silicone rubber band that makes it so durable and effective. However, if you do not take proper care and clean it on a regular basis, soon it may turn into a dirty and dingy wristband looking ugly on your arm. You may wonder how to clean these bracelets and retain its as-good-as-new look and restore its former glory. Well, just a little bit of elbow grease and use of simple and right cleaning materials will do the wonder. These cleaning materials are easily found in any household and therefore these methods are cost effective as well.

Give It A Nice Bath:

Just like any other material giving the custom silicone rubber band a nice bath will prove to be enough most of the times. For this, you will require little warm water, a brush with soft bristles and also a bit of dishwashing soap. Mix the soap and water and dip the wristband in it for a couple of minutes. After some time remove the bracelet and scrub it gently with the brush. Do not exert too much pressure when you scrub the silicone material especially if it has printed details on it that are not embossed or de-bossed. This will prevent the printed material from washing away. After brushing your wristband wash it with clean water and pat it dry.

Cleaning Wristbands with Grooves:

Few custom bracelets may have grooves on them. These grooves are made for embossing or de-bossing purpose. If you have one such silicone wristband, then you will need some additional care to clean the dust and dirt from the grooves. For this, a cuticle stick is required and some cotton apart from the cleaning materials afore mentioned. After you soak it for a few minutes and clean the surface of the band to remove the dirt, take the cuticle stick and wrap it with a thin piece of cotton at its tip. Dip this stick in the soap solution and use the cotton wrapped pointy tip to remove the dirt, dust and grime from the grooves. Rinse it in tepid water after cleaning the dirt and soak it in cold water. After a couple of minutes pick it up and pat dry to have a band that looks as good as new.

Prevent it from overexposure to sunlight:

Though these bands have UV resistance, avoid overexposure to sunlight to ensure that it lasts for a long time. Do not expose it to harsh chemicals and when you remove these do not mix with metal items to prevent scratches and damages.

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